A unique approach to project management.

Here at Lawrence Building Corp, we believe in the fundamentals of good communication.

That’s precisely why we do things a little differently than other contractors. (Paving our own way is just part of what we do.)

At the onset of your project, we will establish two dedicated points of contact. Your Project Manager and your Construction Project Superintendent will be with you from project start to project finish, and they’ll know every nitty-gritty detail along the way.

Project ManagerProject Superintendent
From concept to completion, your project manager will coordinate virtually every aspect of your project. From the bid process to project initiation to handing you the keys at the very end, this is your go-to guy!
Our dedicated project superintendents are onsite every day, managing workflow and orchestrating day-to-day operations. Put simply, your project superintendent is responsible for keeping the proverbial wheels in motion!
When the stakes are high, good communication is a must – and we’re committed to making that happen.

Ready to begin your next project? Choose a contractor that values good communication and rock-solid project management. You’ll be glad you did!